An automated solution is essentially a collection of components - some fabricated, some off the shelf - assembled into a functioning system. The management of these various parts - and the processes required to produce, purchase, assemble and test them - often makes all the difference when it comes delivering a successful automated system or equipment on time. At Slick Automated Solutions, we use an advanced information technology system to ensure that your project is started and completed on schedule. Our management team relies on real-time, accurate data in order to coordinate the design, fabrication, testing and implementation of your project, ensuring a smooth and organized workflow.

Using careful manufacturing planning and job scheduling, we work hard to prevent inevitable snags from becoming costly, time-consuming delays. Since we are located under the same roof as our manufacturing partner, PR Machine Works, Inc., our design and assembly personnel have immediate, 24-hour access to those responsible for fabricating the components of your automated system or equipment. Where some automation companies have to travel or teleconference, we simply walk across the shop floor for our production status meetings. This close working partnership saves valuable time and guarantees that the information we provide to our customers is always timely, accurate and reliable.

Slick Automated Solutions is committed to delivering your automated system or equipment on schedule and to your exact specifications. We employ the latest technology to track your project from design through implementation backed by a team of professionals with a singular purpose: to provide you with the best service and the most innovative, reliable automated solutions and equipment in the business.

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