Decklid Ultrasonic Welding Machine

This machine completes nineteen different welds using servo-motion-controlled actuators. All clips to be welded onto the decklid are manually loaded into a nest. When the cycle-start button is pressed, the clamp extends into the pressing position. Five welds are going on simultaneously with the ultrasonic generator setup.

There are a total of fifteen parts with this assembly and each one is poka-yoked for presence prior to each weld cycle; this helps to keep bad parts from being shipped out during the production cycle. The HMI is setup to show each weld, the amount of time for the welding process, the amount of joules to complete, and if the weld was a pass or fail. Each actuator is controlled independently from the HMI, and allows the operator to adjust for stroke distance and force.

Hinge Bezel Ultrasonic Welding Machine

This machine is designed to go through the center of the part and complete the welds on the hinge bezel in four places using one ultrasonic welding horn. This requires travel in the x, y, and z axes with a rotational movement for the horn alignment. Two different parts can be placed on this machine for the welding operation.

Each side is independently operated, allowing the operator to load or unload a part while the opposite side is in operation. Also, this machine incorporates an automatic gluer where the operator loads the parts and the machine completes the rest, adding the glue and placing the parts onto the glue in the correct position. The glue operation works simultaneously with the welding operation, completing both at the same time.

Automotive Assembly Plant

Balance Weight Secure Station. This automated stand-alone unit is designed to apply constant pressure to correction weights on three different size wheel assemblies for mid-plane weight locations.

Deburring Machine

This automated stand-alone unit is designed to deburr a part automatically. The part is loaded manually and a cycle start button is pushed. A safety curtain drops down to shield the associate from any flying debris. Light curtains are also installed to keep associates from getting into the work space during operation.

Control panel for the deburring machine. Mitsubishi PLC with (2) VFD drives to control the speed of the brush. The brush also reversed during cycle operation.

Sunvisor Inspection Machine

Poke-Yoke system to check for imperfections on sunvisors. SAS fabricated One (1) left-hand and One (1) right-hand machine. This system consists of an upper and lower camera to detect: color, parts present, correct label and label position. The system also includes an HMI to show pass/fail of each item that is being checked. This stand-alone machine is completely mobile. The table is adjustable to work at an ergonomically correct height. Part is loaded manually and a cycle start button is pushed. Light curtains are installed to keep associates from getting into the work space during operation.

Bend Tab Machine

This machine is designed to bend the tabs on the weather strip that is installed on the top of the interior door trim. The weather strip is manually loaded into the machine for installation onto the door. The Yellow Guard/Door is closed and cycle start button is pushed to start the bending motion. Interlock switches are in place to keep machine from operating if Guard/Door is open. These units (right- hand & left-hand) are fabricated with an overhead work light, adjustable inspection stand, and casters for portability.

Bend tab machine shown with guard/door in the open position.

Bend tab machine control panel with Omron PLC.

Ultrasonic Welding Machine

This ultrasonic weld machine completes the interior door assembly by ultrasonically welding multiple parts together. One (1) right-hand and One (1) left-hand machine was built for each interior door assembly. These units are designed to operate thirty-seven (37) ultrasonic weld horns, and twenty-one (21) proximity sensors for part detection. All ultrasonic weld horns are controlled by a servo-driven screw actuator for exact positioning during each welding process. Each individual weld horn and actuator can be easily adjusted through the HMI touch screen panel. The upper and lower nests are designed to be removable for future interior door assembly changes. The nests include sensors for part presence of every piece with spring loaded hold downs. The door parts are manually loaded into the nest and a cycle start button is pushed. Light curtains are on (3) sides for protection during operation.

Ultrasonic welder control panel with Omron PLC.

RFV Shuttle Retrofit

SAS engineered and fabricated four tire/wheel shuttle devices. These shuttles are designed to grip and center a tire/wheel assembly and deliver the tire/wheel to an existing machine. The shuttle system was powered by utilizing a pneumatically-powered guided cylinder and cam roll components. The centering /gripping unit is pneumatically actuated by utilization of a cylinder and drive gears. These shuttle systems are retrofits, and replaced existing shuttle assemblies.

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